Free Ham Radio Repeater Map Downloads for Lowrance

Regardless of how you enjoy the outdoors, communications for emergency situations is important. Having a ham radio is one of the most reliable ways to communicate especially when you know what repeaters are available to you to use. These are some of the reasons I teamed up with Garrett, KD6KPC, from to add ham radio repeater location and frequency information to your Lowrance GPS unit and can be combined with other Rugged Routes maps. These repeater map downloads are available for free , state by state, here: Lowrance GPS Ham Radio Repeater Map Downloads

Please keep in mind that Garrett, KD6KPC, manages the effort which runs on donations by people like you who find this information useful. Please consider sending a donation to keep this effort going by using the following Donate button:
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Lowrance Off Road GPS Map Area Requests

Since the beginning of Rugged Routes, requests for new OHV GPS maps for Lowrance off road GPS units have been coming in from all directions. Which is great! It’s good to know that people like you are really liking the new trail maps with aerial/sat imagery. However, we need to get more input and start organizing it to better prioritize the release of these maps. We’ll start with the most popular areas as reflected by the data collected by the new OHV Map Area Request form.  It’s just a small handful of questions that you should be able to answer in about 1 minute. Please forward this link to your friends or even share it your local OHV club meeting. Your input is greatly appreciated!

The Off Road GPS Lab!

Since the beginning of Rugged Routes, there have various projects and setups going together behind the scenes which include methods that are not documented by Navico or Lowrance. The vast majority of their documentation is geared towards the guys and gals that play on the water rather than on land, like us. So thats where the GPS Lab comes in. Being that we’re most interested in using Lowrance GPS’s off road, we’ll be posting some in depth how-to articles on various Lowrance off road GPS tech projects & setups including but not limited to interfacing a Lowrance with a ham radio for APRS operation as well as hooking up various other sensors and accessories for off road vehicles. So stay tuned, subscribe to the GPS Labs RSS Feed or even just follow us on Facebook.

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