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Enable Satellite Imagery on HDS Live Off Road GPS

How to Enable Satellite Imagery with Rugged Routes Maps on Lowrance HDS-7 Live for Off Road
How to Enable Satellite Imagery with Rugged Routes Maps on Lowrance HDS-7 Live for Off Road

A number of customers have reached out to me stating that although the past Lowrance off road videos are helpful, they have had difficulty following the steps due to the latest softwre updates in the HDS Live and Elite FS GPS units. I have listened and I’m starting to deliver updated videos based on the HDS Live series of off road gps units.
The first one is posted below covering the latest steps on how to enable satellite imagery on your Lowrance GPS.  There will be more to follow so you will want to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/Ruggedroutesmaps?sub_confirmation=1
If you have any input on what I should include in future videos, please post in the youtube comments.




Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 Off Road GPS

The most popular Lowrance GPS choice, among serious off road
enthusiasts, is the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3. It’s available bundled with a high accuracy Point-1 antenna. This antenna not only receives your location, but also measures heading, pitch and roll. With these readings, you’ll be sure to know where you are, which way you’re pointed, how far off camber you are and how steep you’re climbing!
These are on the shelf, ready to ship and can be ordered online at:
Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3

How To View Off Road GPS POI Information on a Lowrance HDS7

viewpoiinfo-thumb-off-road-gpsMany of the Lowrance off road GPS maps by Rugged Routes have additional info available in most of the marked points of interest (POI). Accessing this info on a Lowrance HDS7 Gen3 or Lowrance HDS7 Gen2 Touch is as easy as selecting the Point of Interest on the map, then touching the POI title. An info box will appear, with additional information. Press the X in the upper right hand corner to close the information box. The videos of exactly how this is done are posted below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel: Off Road Lowrance How To Videos

Lowrance Off Road GPS Map Area Requests

Since the beginning of Rugged Routes, requests for new OHV GPS maps for Lowrance off road GPS units have been coming in from all directions. Which is great! It’s good to know that people like you are really liking the new trail maps with aerial/sat imagery. However, we need to get more input and start organizing it to better prioritize the release of these maps. We’ll start with the most popular areas as reflected by the data collected by the new OHV Map Area Request form.  It’s just a small handful of questions that you should be able to answer in about 1 minute. Please forward this link to your friends or even share it your local OHV club meeting. Your input is greatly appreciated!