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Ocotillo Wells / Truckhaven Lowrance GPS Map

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I hope everyone wrapped up 2020 with the best holiday experience possible. I’m kicking off 2021 with a map that many people have been wanting on for quite some time. Ocotillo Wells & Truckhaven! With higher resolution than my previous maps and a few new features, it will start shipping next week! I’m just wrapping up a few final touches.

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you can help spread the word about this map to your friends, off road clubs etc. Feel free to forward this page to your off road friends and share the following link on social Media.
Thank you!



Here are a few map details:
*Compatible with HDS Series Gen 2 or newer AND Elite Ti Series or newer  LOWRANCE units.
Map Includes:
•0.5-meter Aerial Imagery of Truckhaven and Ocotillo Wells SVRA
•Ocotillo Wells and Truckhaven OHV Boundaries
•Roads / Trails / Washes
• Campsites & Restrooms
•Points of Interest:
– Pumpkin Patch
– Gas Domes
– Blowsand Hill
– 4×4 Trailing Area
– Notches.. and More!

For more Information or to Order now, visit:
Ocotillo Wells / Truckhaven Lowrance GPS Map

For a quick preliminary overview of whats included, please check out this youtube video, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as well!
Video: Ocotillo Wells / Truckhaven Map Overview

Custom Lowrance Off Road GPS Satellite Maps Available for a Limited Time

  I have just enabled the option on the website to order custom coverge of satellite imagery maps! Simply submit a project name, size and boundary file with your order and I’ll do the rest.
To order, please visit:

I have recently gotten new faster software as well as more computer hardware to spread the load and speed up map processing. Offering custom maps with fast turn around times has always been an end goal of mine. Although I still have some improvements to do on my end to streamline the process, the recent upgrades are a huge step in the right direction.
I don’t know how long I’ll keep this trial period going for, but atleast I’m opening it up and seeing how this all goes. Feel free to reply to this e-mail with any questions you may have, otherwise please view the video and purchase your custom map here:

Please tell your friends in real life, on social media and on message boards.

Thank you,
Steven Lutz


Infrared Belt Temperature Gauge/Sensor for Lowrance Off Road GPS

Now Available at:

Infrared UTV Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance GPS Units 
This infrared belt temp sensor is an easy install accessory for Lowrance HDS and Elite Ti GPS Units. It simply connects to the N2K network just like a Point-1 Baja Antenna, and displays your CVT Belt Temp right on the Lowrance GPS screen. Keep an eye on your belt temp in order to adjust your driving style or as an aid in clutch tuning for prolonging the life of your CVT Belt.
Simply drill a 3/8″ – 1/2″ hole in the plastic belt cover above the center of your belt, and stick the sensor on. The sensor is a small cube & contours to the belt cover with a 3/16″ thick waterproof closed cell foam & easily sticks on with a high strength waterproof adhesive by 3M.

Install on a clean plastic surface, hold down for 30 seconds and wait 24 hours to fully adhere.

*Compatible with Gen2 or Newer HDS Units, and Elite Ti 7″ Or Larger. Not Compatible with Elite-5 Ti.

*Sensor Only, NMEA 2000 Connectors or extension cables not included.
For NMEA 2000 components, please visit: Lowrance Data Cables & Connectors


An infrared belt temp sensor for UTVs that allows the belt temp  gauge to be displayed on the screen of a Lowrance HDS or Elite Ti GPS unit.
The above video shows, what the sensor looks like, how it attaches to the GPS and how to configure the GPS to display the temperature. 

Lowrance HDS-7 Live Off Road GPS Now Available!

The latest generation of Lowrance units are available!
Replacing the HDS Carbon series is the HDS live series. The 7″ Units are currently listed and available on the website at:

9″, 12″ and 16″ units will also be listed soon. If you need the larger unit prior to seeing the online listing or have quesions, please contact us via e-mail using the web form at:


Arizona Off Road Trail Maps for Lowrance GPS

The Arizona map is Compatible with Lowrance HDS and Elite Ti GPS Units and will be shipping by May 31st, 2018.You can pre-order yours now and get additional information, here:

One very popular area that I get calls for all the time is Arizona. It’s extremely difficult for me to make a detailed trail map that covers an entire state. However, I was able to complete the new map of 100 Trails based on the Guide to Arizona Backroads & 4×4 Trails Guidebook by Funtreks. It includes Aerial imagery of the trails, the trails and trail heads which are color coded according to trail difficulty as well as Waypoints mentioned in the book. Each trailhead and Waypoint as has an info box that displays text from the book. These info boxes are loaded with information such as  trail introductions and extra info along the trail such as optional off-shoots, photo spots and hikes.
A quick preview of this map can be seen on the Rugged Routes youtube Channel here;

The Arizona map is Compatible with Lowrance HDS and Elite Ti GPS Units and will be shipping by May 31st, 2018. You can preorder yours now and get additional information, here:

I’m also currently working on a separate map specifically of the Arizona Peace Trail, new Topo map of the U.S. and many others.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 909-547-4651 or send us an e-mail via the web page here: