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US Forest Service Lowrance GPS Topo Maps – Now Available

Want to get outdoors but need to beat the desert heat? Head to the forest!
United States Forest Service FSTopo maps are 1:2400 scale maps with coverage foreset service areas and is available on a state by state basis for the central and western states.
Compatilbe with HDS (Gen2 and Newer) and Elite (Ti & FS) series GPS Units.

Maps Include:
-Roads & Highways
-Forest Service Roads & Trails
-Hiking Trails
-Elevation Contours / Topo Lines
-Forest Boundaries
-Campgrounds / Campsites
-And more…

To buy now, visit:
Check out the intro video below for more info:

Behind the scenes going into 2022 – Off Road GPS Maps and Accessories

Onward and upward!
Over the last year, lots of things have changed that have allowed me to spend more time building, programming, and to soon start releasing lots of maps and accessories. Momentum is only building now which is really exciting!
Although in the publics eye it may seem that things have been stagnant, I’ ve been very busy in the background. 4 new computers are going online to help process map data and many accessories are well on their way in development and then on to production. Which ones come out first are heavily dependant on the responses I get from you!

So please take a look at the following 2 videos:


Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 Off Road GPS

The most popular Lowrance GPS choice, among serious off road
enthusiasts, is the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3. It’s available bundled with a high accuracy Point-1 antenna. This antenna not only receives your location, but also measures heading, pitch and roll. With these readings, you’ll be sure to know where you are, which way you’re pointed, how far off camber you are and how steep you’re climbing!
These are on the shelf, ready to ship and can be ordered online at:
Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3

New & Improved Rugged Routes Website!

When browsing the internet, most people are looking for some type of information… An answer to a question, or a product to fill a need. It can be frustrating when the information you find is incomplete or you can’t find the product you’re looking for. This leads to you having to call companies to get the information you need which can be very time consuming and frustrating.
I have found that the details on Lowrance GPS units aren’t always easy to find in one place, and it’s been difficult for users to compare the various units. Off road map listings also have had their shortcomings with a lack of Off Road GPS compatibility information. These issues have lead to very frustrated customers who don’t know where to turn.
Because of this, I set out to develop a brand new website with more detailed GPS unit/mapping information and which now offers a way to do side-by-side comparisons of the products. This new website is also mobile friendly for easy browsing and shopping on your smartphone or tablet.
Please check out the new website and let me know what you think! I am always here to help, but I hope this new website makes your product information search and checkout process easier and faster.
-Steven Lutz
Rugged Routes

How To Enable & Disable Map Features on Lowrance Off Road GPS

lowrance off road HDS7 Gen3

With feature packed maps, it isn’t uncommon to want to disable the viewing of certain types of features that aren’t needed at the moment. These new videos take you step by step on how to enable and disable various features on a Lowrance HDS7 Gen2 touch as well as the Lowrance HDS7 Gen3 (including Polaris HDS7) with off road GPS maps.  The videos of exactly how this is done are posted below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel: Off Road Lowrance How To Videos


How To View Off Road GPS POI Information on a Lowrance HDS7

viewpoiinfo-thumb-off-road-gpsMany of the Lowrance off road GPS maps by Rugged Routes have additional info available in most of the marked points of interest (POI). Accessing this info on a Lowrance HDS7 Gen3 or Lowrance HDS7 Gen2 Touch is as easy as selecting the Point of Interest on the map, then touching the POI title. An info box will appear, with additional information. Press the X in the upper right hand corner to close the information box. The videos of exactly how this is done are posted below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel: Off Road Lowrance How To Videos

How to Record Off Road Trails with Lowrance HDS7

CropHowToLowranceThe latest videos have just been uploaded to the Rugged Routes YouTube Chanel! This time we take a look at how to record off road trails with a Lowrance HDS7 Gen3, as well as the Lowrance HDS7 Gen2 Touch. This is something that everyone off road should know how to do with their GPS in order to return to a trail that you visited in the past or simply to get back to camp.
The videos are posted below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel: Off Road Lowrance How To Videos



How to Enable and Edit Overlays on a Lowrance HDS7 for Off Road

Another quick How-To video has been posted on the Rugged Routes YouTube Channel!
This is for enabling and editing data overlays which can display things like, pitch, roll, time, lat/long, speed etc which are all usefull off road.
There is a version of this video for both HDS7 Gen3 and well as the older HDS7 Gen2 Touch.
Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel: Off Road Lowrance How To Videos

Check Out the Rugged Routes YouTube Channel for Lowrance Off Road How To’s!


Lowrance Off Road GPS Tip videos are back!
Over the last year many people have expressed that the old how to videos helped them out quite a bit. And after getting many requests to do more Lowrance Off Road GPS videos, we’re back at it again. So, check out the Rugged Routes YouTube channel here: Lowrance Off Road Tutorials

If there is something that you need help with and would like to see a video on, feel free to send your suggestion in via the Contact Us page on the Rugged Routes website here:

Here are the latest 2 videos: