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Save Your Ride: The Belt Tip Every UTV Enthusiast Needs to Know

Ever had a great ride cut short by a belt failure? We’ve all been there. It may have not been you, but i’m sure we all have that friend that just came to mind. The one that loves riding, has a great time, maybe he’s the life of the group but always seems to make the day…. unpredictable? At one time or another the chances are pretty good that a UTV’s broken belt has put a damper on your day. Regardless if it was yours or someone elses.
UTV’s have become increasingly complex with more sensors, more gauges, digital gauge clusters, etc etc. However, OEM’s have been slow to adopt a way to monitor the termperature of the CVT and belt.  Of the OEM’s that have adopted a belt temperature reading device, most have done so in a slow reacting way relying on the ambient air temperature near the CVT. At Rugged Routes, we’ve developed an infrared belt temperature sensor that changes the game. The infrared belt temperature sensor from Rugged Routes uses an infrared belt temperature sensor to detect a heat signature directly from the belt and instantly displays the result on the screen of your Lowrance GPS. For you racers out there, this is also multi-gps compatible enabling multiple Lowrance GPS’s to display the temperature reading at the same time. It’s easy installation and GPS integration will have you set up in no time, which is explained in the video at the following YouTube link:

As a UTV enthusiast myself, this device has helped me and my friends enjoy longer rides while helping ensure that we make it back to camp before the sun goes down and in time for refreshing beverages & dinner around the camp fire. I hope you and your friends do the same, so please share this information with your ridding friends, especially vie e-mail and social media.

Thank you,
Steven Lutz



UTV Infrared Belt Temp Gauge, Sensor for Lowrance GPS

UTV Infrared Belt Temp Gauge, Sensor for Lowrance GPS

Ride longer with a real time UTV Belt Temp Gauge on your Lowrance GPS


US Forest Service Lowrance GPS Topo Maps – Now Available

Want to get outdoors but need to beat the desert heat? Head to the forest!
United States Forest Service FSTopo maps are 1:2400 scale maps with coverage foreset service areas and is available on a state by state basis for the central and western states.
Compatilbe with HDS (Gen2 and Newer) and Elite (Ti & FS) series GPS Units.

Maps Include:
-Roads & Highways
-Forest Service Roads & Trails
-Hiking Trails
-Elevation Contours / Topo Lines
-Forest Boundaries
-Campgrounds / Campsites
-And more…

To buy now, visit:
Check out the intro video below for more info:

How To Install a UTV Belt Temp Sensor with Mike Cafro

Blown belts are one of the most common mechanical issues with UTV’s. The main reason belts fail is because of heat. If you push the belt system too far by running it above the recommended temperature it will fail. Now with the new belt temp sensor form rugged routes you can monitor your belt temperature and spend less time fixing your UTV and more time riding with your friends! watch multi-time off-road champion Mike Cafro show you how easy it is to install and connect to your Lowrance GPS system the rugged routes belt temp sensor to your UTV. Mike shows you how to install your rugged routes step by step as well as what tools you will need to make your install easier.