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US Forest Service Lowrance GPS Topo Maps – Now Available

Want to get outdoors but need to beat the desert heat? Head to the forest!
United States Forest Service FSTopo maps are 1:2400 scale maps with coverage foreset service areas and is available on a state by state basis for the central and western states.
Compatilbe with HDS (Gen2 and Newer) and Elite (Ti & FS) series GPS Units.

Maps Include:
-Roads & Highways
-Forest Service Roads & Trails
-Hiking Trails
-Elevation Contours / Topo Lines
-Forest Boundaries
-Campgrounds / Campsites
-And more…

To buy now, visit:
Check out the intro video below for more info:

How To Install a UTV Belt Temp Sensor with Mike Cafro

Blown belts are one of the most common mechanical issues with UTV’s. The main reason belts fail is because of heat. If you push the belt system too far by running it above the recommended temperature it will fail. Now with the new belt temp sensor form rugged routes you can monitor your belt temperature and spend less time fixing your UTV and more time riding with your friends! watch multi-time off-road champion Mike Cafro show you how easy it is to install and connect to your Lowrance GPS system the rugged routes belt temp sensor to your UTV. Mike shows you how to install your rugged routes step by step as well as what tools you will need to make your install easier.


Infrared UTV Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance Now Available!


BUY UTV Infrared Temp Sensor for Lowrance



The new Infrared UTV Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance GPS Units is now available!

This infrared belt temp sensor is an easy install accessory for Lowrance HDS and Elite Ti GPS Units. It simply connects to the N2K network just like a Point-1 Baja Antenna, and displays your CVT Belt Temp right on the Lowrance GPS screen. Keep an eye on your belt temp in order to adjust your driving style or as an aid in clutch tuning for prolonging the life of your CVT Belt.

Simply drill a 3/8″ – 1/2″ hole in the plastic belt cover above the center of your belt, and stick on the sensor with the lens centered over the hole. The sensor contours to the belt cover with a 3/16″ thick waterproof closed cell foam & easily sticks on with a high strength waterproof adhesive by 3M.

Install on a clean plastic surface, and hold down for 30 seconds. Wait 24 hours to fully adhere.

*Compatible with Gen2 or Newer HDS Units, and Elite Ti 7″ Or Larger. Not Compatible with Elite-5 Ti.

*Sensor Only, NMEA 2000 Connectors or extension cables not included.
For NMEA 2000 components, please visit: Lowrance Data Cables & Connectors

For more information or  to order yours, please visit: UTV Infrared Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance GPS

I also have a fun demo video on the Rugged Routes YouTube Channel  that is also posted below.  I hope you all get a little kick out of it and share it with your friends.
Thank you
-Steven Lutz

Lowrance Trophy-5m Baja Off Road GPS – Now Available!

Trophy-5m Baja, Off Road GPS by Lowrance



Trophy-5m Baja


The Lowrance® Trophy-5m Baja chartplotter offers proven off-road
navigation features at a great value without compromising the quality
off-roaders have come to expect from the Lowrance BAJA series.

Featuring a 5-inch, high-resolution color display, the Trophy-5m
Baja was designed with off-road trail navigation in mind. The 5m Baja has a
microSD card slot and compatibility with a wide range of high-definition
mapping options, including Insight Topo PRO, Insight Topo HD as well as
third-party off-road mapping options. Its easy-to-use interface allows quick,
one-thumb-access to all menus and features, making it perfect for off-road
navigation. The Trophy-5m BAJA has an internal GPS antenna and includes an
optional external antenna.




Lowrance-exclusive, high-resolution, 5-inch color display

Includes LGC-16W external GPS antenna

Includes dash and bracket mounting options

Includes Topo Adventure topographical mapping covering the
contiguous 48 United States as well as Mexico

Optional Topo Insight HD and third party off-road mapping options

Record and export GPS trail data for future navigation, or to
share with a friend

Easily customizable data overlay for displaying speed and heading
data on the chart screen

Ruggedized: water and shock resistant

Page selector menu with quick access to all features using
one-thumb operation

Supported by Lowrance Advantage Service program






5 in./127 mm


256 color TFT 480 x 480

GPS Receiver/Antenna

Internal high-sensitivity WAAS + EGNOS + MSAS and LGC16W
external antenna


Optional NMEA 0183



Media Port

One (1) microSD slot


One year



Funtreks Guide to Moab, UT Lowrance GPS Map by Rugged Routes

We have teamed up with the popular 4×4 Guidebook company, FunTreks, to bring their Moab, Utah guidebook into your Lowrance HDS or Elite HD GPS unit!
This map includes the 55 trail traces in Moab, UT from the guidebook including trail head markers with trail descriptions, book way points with their appropriate information, as well as high resolution (1-Meter/Px) aerial imagery of the areas surrounding the trails, which is all loaded on an SD card.
We are currently offering this new map at an introductory price that will only last through December of 2015. To get yours now, visit:
Funtreks Guide to Moab, UT Lowrance GPS Map

Lowrance HDS 7 Dash Panel for Polaris RZR 900/800

Flush mounting your Lowrance HDS7 Gen 3 or Gen 2 Touch GPS unit is usually the preferred mounting method. However this hasn’t been easily doable in a Polaris RZR 900 or 800, until now. The new Rugged Routes RZR Dash for mounting a HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch or HDS 7 Gen 3, retains the factory gauge, 12v accessory plug, and ignition while also adding 6 accessory switch locations. The dash panel also includes the required body rivets for securing the panel to the vehicle, as well as stainless steel screws for securing the Lowrance unit to the panel. The panel itself, ships bare steel to be painted or powder coated to your personal preference.
To order, visit: Lowrance HDS 7 Dash for Polaris RZR or call 909-547-4651.

Glamis Dunes, CA Off Road GPS Map Card for Lowrance HDS

The Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) in CA is an extremely popular Thanksgiving destination, and due to popular demand, the map for Lowrance HDS GPS units is now shipping!
To order online, please visit: Glamis map for Lowrance HDS GPS

If you are looking for a map that we currently don’t offer, please submit a map request at:

**This Map was intended for Lowrance HDS GPS Units, Elite HD units are compatible with the exception of not not showing closures. for a map with full compatibility with Lowrance Elite GPS units, please contact us: 909-547-4651**

Imagery resolution is 1-Meter/Px.


  • Fee Area Boundary
  • OHV Boundary
  • Competition Hill
  • Oldsmobile Hill
  • Brawley Slide
  • Lizard Hill
  • China Wall
  • The Ceiling
  • Critical Habitat Closures
  • Camping Area Closures
  • Wilderness Boundaries
  • Ranger Stations
  • Wahes
  • Ranger Stations
  • Campgrounds
  • Restrooms

We are now accepting dealer applications.
For more information, please reply to this e-mail or contact us at: 909-547-4651

Lowrance Satellite Radio & Weather Module Now Available!

This awesome modules pulls double duty in your Side x Side, 4×4, Prerunner or other vehicle providing both safety and entertainment. The WM-3 Lowrance Satellite Weather & Radio Module allows you to use your Lowrance GPS unit as your satellite radio receiver as well as including weather radar, forecasts, weather warnings and roadside fuel prices, plus up to 220 expanded audio channels — all controlled directly from your Lowrance HDS Gen2 button or touch screen model.

For more information & specifications or to purchase your Sirius Satellite Weather & Radio Module by Lowrance, visit: WM-3 SiriusXM Satellite Weather & Radio Module by Lowrance

*WM-3 operates with the new SiriusXM North America equatorial Satellite System.

Free Ham Radio Repeater Map Downloads for Lowrance

Regardless of how you enjoy the outdoors, communications for emergency situations is important. Having a ham radio is one of the most reliable ways to communicate especially when you know what repeaters are available to you to use. These are some of the reasons I teamed up with Garrett, KD6KPC, from to add ham radio repeater location and frequency information to your Lowrance GPS unit and can be combined with other Rugged Routes maps. These repeater map downloads are available for free , state by state, here: Lowrance GPS Ham Radio Repeater Map Downloads

Please keep in mind that Garrett, KD6KPC, manages the effort which runs on donations by people like you who find this information useful. Please consider sending a donation to keep this effort going by using the following Donate button:
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