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In case you missed it – Belt Temp Gauge

Before I jump into the details, if you already own one of these belt temp gauge sensors, Please help others looking for info on this product by writing a quick review. A review can be written by clicking on ‘Write a Review” at the following URL:

The Launch:
After working on this product for nearly 2 years, I launched this product in 2020 about 2 weeks before the covid shutdowns happened. The world was in a strange place and just about everyone across the country seemed to be tuned to the news trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Needless to say my timing was terrible. Those that were aware the the pending launch were in tune with availability and we were off to a great start but marketing a new product during a pandemic was definitely challenging. This was also while I was concerned about the chip shortage limiting the availability building more. However, now things seem to be shaping up. 



Belt Temp Gauge Details: 
The Rugged Routes infrared belt temp sensor is an easy install Lowrance GPS accessory which adds an infrared belt temperature gauge to the screen of a Lowrance off road GPS unit. Now UTV off-road enthusiasts and racers can take precautions to prevent blowing a belt by reading it’s real time surface temperature. When the belt reaches high temperatures, the driver can then adjust their driving style until the belt cools down.  They can also use the temperature readings to aid in clutch tuning.  Keeping the CVT belt temp gauge reading low is important in prolonging belt life, especially in utv racing and on long remote UTV rides.  Having cooler & longer lasting CVT belts also reduces the frequency of recurring costly belt replacements. Displaying the infrared belt temp gauge on the screen of the Lowrance GPS unit, saves dash space, is easier to install compared to a stand alone gauge, and is inherently dimmable. The belt temp gauge can be configured to display temperature as analog or digital readout, with various gauge size options and screen positions. A very flexible solution at a competitive price. 

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How To Install a UTV Belt Temp Sensor with Mike Cafro

Blown belts are one of the most common mechanical issues with UTV’s. The main reason belts fail is because of heat. If you push the belt system too far by running it above the recommended temperature it will fail. Now with the new belt temp sensor form rugged routes you can monitor your belt temperature and spend less time fixing your UTV and more time riding with your friends! watch multi-time off-road champion Mike Cafro show you how easy it is to install and connect to your Lowrance GPS system the rugged routes belt temp sensor to your UTV. Mike shows you how to install your rugged routes step by step as well as what tools you will need to make your install easier.


Infrared UTV Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance Now Available!


BUY UTV Infrared Temp Sensor for Lowrance



The new Infrared UTV Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance GPS Units is now available!

This infrared belt temp sensor is an easy install accessory for Lowrance HDS and Elite Ti GPS Units. It simply connects to the N2K network just like a Point-1 Baja Antenna, and displays your CVT Belt Temp right on the Lowrance GPS screen. Keep an eye on your belt temp in order to adjust your driving style or as an aid in clutch tuning for prolonging the life of your CVT Belt.

Simply drill a 3/8″ – 1/2″ hole in the plastic belt cover above the center of your belt, and stick on the sensor with the lens centered over the hole. The sensor contours to the belt cover with a 3/16″ thick waterproof closed cell foam & easily sticks on with a high strength waterproof adhesive by 3M.

Install on a clean plastic surface, and hold down for 30 seconds. Wait 24 hours to fully adhere.

*Compatible with Gen2 or Newer HDS Units, and Elite Ti 7″ Or Larger. Not Compatible with Elite-5 Ti.

*Sensor Only, NMEA 2000 Connectors or extension cables not included.
For NMEA 2000 components, please visit: Lowrance Data Cables & Connectors

For more information or  to order yours, please visit: UTV Infrared Belt Temp Sensor for Lowrance GPS

I also have a fun demo video on the Rugged Routes YouTube Channel  that is also posted below.  I hope you all get a little kick out of it and share it with your friends.
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-Steven Lutz